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Work With Me!

I've had the privilege to partner with some amazing brands in the running industry and beyond. Whether the campaign goal is brand awareness, new product launches, or to increase sales, I use my creativity and knowledge of social media marketing to make it a success.


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Starry Sky Ivana Cajina Asuyh Unsplash Photo

What Brands Are Saying

"Erin’s energy and enthusiasm are truly unmatched. She was an incredible partner for our Running campaign. Week after week she delivered high quality content that was entertaining and inspiring. We’re excited to partner with Erin again in the future and can’t wait to see what she does next!"

DICK'S Sporting Goods & 160over90




I partnered with Nike on a campaign that involved making up my own personal record. I chose running as far as I could, up the longest hill in my area. It was a great way to showcase the Nike Invincible 3’s and some new apparel. New PR’s call for new apparel, am I right, or am I right??



This long term partnership was so much fun because I got to use my creativity to show off some cool products and share exciting sales and memberships with my audience. When it was time for the release of the REI Co-op trail shoe for multi-terrain, I showcased all of the “terrain” I wear them on throughout my day including legos and cheerios left on the floor, because #momlife


Sleep Number

Over the past few years, I’ve been learning what a difference quality sleep makes, so this long-term partnership with Sleep Number was a dream (pun intended). I shared how I track my sleep using the 360 Smart Bed while also sharing helpful sleep tips with my audience so they can up their training game like I did. The highlight of the campaign was comparing sleep scores with NFL wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster!



What started with me DMing USATF jokingly asking if I could be a water girl, turned into me becoming their official Hype Woman. I attended events holding finish line tapes, interviewed athletes, and made an entire series called Erin Tries—where I partnered with an athlete from every event of the Heptathlon to give it a try. Millions of viewers enjoyed seeing what an average person looks like trying these events.


Red Bull

I partnered with Red Bull to host two seasons of the Why I Run podcast. It climbed the running podcast charts and was a great way to showcase why all types of people (Red Bull athletes, activists, podcasters, etc.) lace up their shoes to run. We also spread the word about the Wings for Life World Run and recruited some pretty famous names to our team to raise funds for spinal cord research.


Always Discreet

I’m not one to shy away from things most people find too personal or embarrassing, and bladder leaks are no exception! If it happens, I’m talking about it and thousands of people end up sharing their stories. I’ve done multiple campaigns, to not only share helpful products that are available, but to also let people know they’re not alone in dealing with this less than ideal but oh so common issue.

Starry Sky Ivana Cajina Asuyh Unsplash Photo


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