Mrs. Space Cadet Disheveled Running on a Treadmill in Roller Skates
Tagline Running through life one struggle at a time


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Struggle Runner Mrs. Space Cadet

It Me!

When I started running a couple years ago, I was desperate to find someone  I could relate to. When my searches came up short, I decided to do it myself and I started posting raw unfiltered content with a humorous twist, not realizing it would ever grow into the amazing community it is now!


Mrs. Space Cadet gets a manicure


For my friends who enjoy a quick read instead of chaotic videos.

Struggle Runner Mrs. Space Cadet

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NonMembers Only Podcast Hosts Erin and Mike


If you like podcasts that make you feel like you're chatting with friends, give it a listen.

Starry Sky Ivana Cajina Asuyh Unsplash Photo

What People Are Saying

"I fell out of love with running over ten years ago, and never pictured myself going back until I saw Erin's videos. At first I watched for entertainment, but seeing her have fun and persevere despite the difficulties of running has made me lace up my shoes again!"


Mya, Texas

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