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Time Flies When You're...?

How did a month fly by since my last post?? It's been just over a month since I crossed the finish line of the NYC Marathon. In that time, I had my first speaking engagement at a women's conference, made another trip to NYC to see Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway, and traveled to Austin TX for The Running Event! Oh and apparently Thanksgiving happened at some point in there.

All I remember from Thanksgiving is my mom and I trying to lift the RAW TURKEY out of a pot into the sink and SALMONELLA JUICE flying everywhere. If you've seen my cooking videos on TikTok, you can imagine there was lots of gagging on my part. Never again. When my parents can no longer do Thanksgiving, we will have pizza...maybe tacos.

My first appearance as a featured speaker was at the Jersey Shore Women's Conference. The slide deck was due before I even ran the NYC marathon so I was really hoping I could finish it considering my entire speech was dependent on me reaching that goal of completing an in-person marathon.

I picked a snazzy outfit, and was excited to meet all of the women at the event. My talk was last, so I spent all day getting to know everyone and by the time I stood up in front of them to preach about success, I realized that the audience staring back at me was filled with women who were already at the top of their game in terms of success. There was no turning back at that point so I made sure to tailer it as I went along and give them helpful tidbits from a different perspective. It was either well received or they were very polite about making me feel good about it. Either way can be looked at as a win in my book.

Ok so now what? Well I have three little kids, so now I play Santa and the elves to make all the magic of the holidays happen. More to come on that front, AND more to come on The Running Event. There's a lot to unpack there. I'll save that for the next post. Until then, I'll be running on leftover birthday cake and coffee.


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