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I Forgot I Had a Blog

I wish I was joking about the title, but it was brought to my attention (thanks Jessie) that I haven't posted here in a year and about 900 people a month are coming to check out my blog. I'm committing to a weekly post. Sometimes there will be posts from guests who write well, but most of the time it will be my ramblings. Topics I have in the works include my thoughts on my recent trip to Boston to spectate the marathon (GO REGAN!), some running books I've been reading (yes actually turning pages of a book, not listening to audio), health related things (e.g. fixing my wild stomach issues, quitting alcohol, etc.), and a bunch of self-improvement skills I'm attempting to incorporate in my life (some are just immediately thrown out which I can write about too).

To make up for lost time, here are some of my favorite memes from this week:

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Oğuzhan Güler
Oğuzhan Güler

perfect 😂

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