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OMG am I a blogger now?

I officially have three subscribers on here! Well, two other than Dan. I feel like my face in this picture is me 96% of the time lately. Whether it's getting an exciting press opportunity, partnering with a dream brand, or building this amazing community even further, I have this look of "how did I get here/ what did I do to deserve this?"... Full disclosure - I also had this look the other day when I noticed someone peed on our ottoman 10 minutes before a journalist was supposed to arrive at our house for an interview. Was it one of the kids? Was it our pug, Bucky? I guess we'll never know. So what I really want to say is THANK YOU! I wouldn't have any of these opportunities if it weren't for YOU. You're reading my words and care what I have to say. I appreciate that. Now let's get to work and make some positive change in this running space and beyond!

Starry Sky Ivana Cajina Asuyh Unsplash Photo
Astronaut floating in space

Road to the
World Marathon Majors

New York City  •  Chicago  •  Boston  •  London  •  Berlin  •  Tokyo


2021 NYC Marathon


2022 Chicago Marathon

Oct. 9, 2021

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