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OMG am I a blogger now?

I officially have three subscribers on here! Well, two other than Dan. I feel like my face in this picture is me 96% of the time lately. Whether it's getting an exciting press opportunity, partnering with a dream brand, or building this amazing community even further, I have this look of "how did I get here/ what did I do to deserve this?"... Full disclosure - I also had this look the other day when I noticed someone peed on our ottoman 10 minutes before a journalist was supposed to arrive at our house for an interview. Was it one of the kids? Was it our pug, Bucky? I guess we'll never know. So what I really want to say is THANK YOU! I wouldn't have any of these opportunities if it weren't for YOU. You're reading my words and care what I have to say. I appreciate that. Now let's get to work and make some positive change in this running space and beyond!

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