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It's All in Your He...Mindset

I posted a YouTube video the other day where I talked about three things I wish I knew when I started running. In true me fashion, I didn't plan them out ahead of time and knew the most important ones would come to me as I went along.

I've learned a lot during the past couple years of running (training, fueling, gear, etc), but I didn't realize that the most groundbreaking pieces of information were mostly about mindset...which came from my own mind lol

For example, I use mindset tricks like the "Bad Run Bag" to find a positive use for even the worst of runs. You can get information on proper running form pretty much anywhere, but that's useless if you're going to quit in a couple weeks when you feel the isolation of committing to something on your own. I'd love to hear what mindset tips and tricks you learned throughout the years. Please share!

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