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I finally did it.

I watched my first run video. I never watch my videos after I post them, especially YouTube videos. By the time I'm done editing, I've already watched it enough and I'm sick of my own face. I've been wanting to reflect on where I started for about a year now, but couldn't bring myself to actually watch the video until Dan just put it on the TV last night. WOW WHAT A DIFFERENT PERSON I WAS! The thing that stayed constant is the oversharing. I guess I've always been that way. In this first running video, I reflected on the previous times I tried running years prior. I was tired and miserable. Dan yelling "loser" out the window would have usually cracked me up, but I didn't even find that funny lol I wasn't putting myself first...ever. When I got back from this run, everything changed. I talked to Dan about how I needed to do this to stay sane and he was on board to do whatever it took to help me keep going. That was a big commitment at the time with a 4yr old, 2 yr old, and 4 month old!

Once I shared the run videos to TikTok, everything took off and fast forward to present day where I'm actually inspiring other people?! Excuse me, what?! That blows my mind, but I am so grateful to be here I cry almost daily. Let's keep showing up for ourselves! woop woop!

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