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Big New Year Energy

Christmas is officially over and New Year's Eve is quickly approaching. I always have big plans for myself in the new year from healthier habits to better posture. These usually don't last, but I do find it comforting to start the new year off by bettering myself in some way. Don't tell Dan, but I'm planning to drag him along for a month of resetting our guts by cutting out caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten, and everything else we enjoy. Running and stomach issues are NOT a good mix if you know what I mean.

This is also a time I usually do a lot of reflecting. 2021 started off as one of the hardest winters of my life with a first grader in virtual school (wHaT?!) while Dan worked outside of the home, and I worked from home while entertaining our 4 year old and keeping our 2 year old from interrupting the first grader's "classes". As the weather warmed up and we got somewhat back to normal, my training picked up as I planned to run my first in-person race. What I didn't anticipate was a New York Times article to kick off a whirlwind of press appearances and social media growth which I was not expecting! It was amazing and surreal and exhausting all at once. I didn't even have a chance to reflect on everything that happened until a few days ago.

What started out as one of the most isolating and hopeless years of my life turned out to be the most rewarding and successful one yet in some ways. I can't imagine if I gave up all the times that I wanted to this past year and I plan to remember this in the coming year during inevitably tough times, because let's be honest...we have to keep our expectations low nowadays.

I hope your 2022 is lightyears better than 2021. Super fun crazy successful year vibes to you!


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