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And we're live!

Welcome to the new website! Here's a little story about the change. When the press whirlwind started after the New York Times article came out, I panicked when I realized I needed a website. Apparently not everyone has social media?! haha just joking kind of. I quickly put together a bare bones website just for people to at least see I was a real person and I did things. It really sucked and I apologize for anyone who had to figure out where to go on that thing.

Fast forward to now...I have this fancy and FUNCTIONAL website built by my friend and fellow business owner, Jessie from House of Youse! I took this picture when we were about to make the site go live aka freaking out.

It feels good to be writing my first blog post on the new site, and I can't wait to put together some fun content for an email list. Now if I'm ever on the Today Show again, I'll have a newfangled website for their audience to land on! We're making moves, people! haha ok bye.


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